Glenn S. Ritchey III—Literary Scholar and Copyeditor
Academic CV
Graduate Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, August 2023-Present

Associate Editor, The Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal, Office of Undergraduate Research, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, February 2022-August 2023.


M.A. Literary, Cultural and Textual Studies, University of Central Florida (2025)

B.A. English Literature, Minor in Medieval Studies, University of Central Florida (2023)
  • Honors in the Major Thesis: Political Bodies in the Ulster Myth Cycle: Space, Conflict, and Comedy in Scéla Mucce Meicc Da Thó.
  • Advisors: Stephen C.E. Hopkins (Chair), Alison Hudson, Christian Beck

Early Irish Literature; Early Irish Law; Literary Spatial Theory; Medievalism; Sociology of Literature; Linguistics & Philology


XML entries in Johnson’s Dictionary Online, a complete, searchable online edition of Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language, 1st and 4th folio editions (1755 and 1773).


  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship, Fall 2023.
  • Graduate Dean’s Fellowship, University of Central Florida, 2023-2024.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, UCF Office of Undergraduate Research, 2022.

Student Research Grant, UCF Office of Undergraduate Research, 2023

Patricia Angley Memorial Scholarship, UCF Department of English, Fall 2023

  • Dean’s List, UCF College of Arts and Humanities, Spring 2023.
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Research, UCF Department of English, Spring 2023.
  • Outstanding Digital Humanist, UCF Department of English, Spring 2023.
  • President’s Honor Roll, University of Central Florida, Fall 2022.


Panel Member
“Being a Good Research Mentee.” University of Central Florida INTRO to Research Program. Orlando, FL. 12 October 2022; 15 February 2023.

Papers Given
“Scéla Muicce Meic Da Thó: The Ulster Cycle, Nationalism, and Spatiality in Belfast’s Murals.” Southeastern Medieval Association Conference, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, October 2023.

“From Dindshenchas to Place and Space: Spatiality and Medieval Irish Studies.” Virtual Undergraduate Research Conference (VURC), The Center for Interdisciplinary Writing and Research, Daytona State College. 21 April 2023.

“Spatiality in Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Topology of a Phantom City: The Author as  Cartographer.” The Spatial Imagination in the Humanities, Texas State  University. Virtual Conference. 20-21 May 2021.
Poster Presentations
“Ancient Defenders in the Modern Body Politic: The Ulster Cycle’s Boy and Man Heroes.” UCF Student Scholar Symposium. 27 March 2023.

“An Introductory Survey of the Old Irish Language.” Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Poster Showcase hosted by the University of Central Florida. 22 July 2022.


“Episode 34: History Research Projects/Posters at the 2023 UCF Student Scholar Symposium Event” Knights HistoryCast from the UCF Department of History, published 21 May 2023,


Graduate Teaching Assistant, UCF Department of English
  • Applen, JD. LIT 4433: Literature of Science and Technology, Fall 2023. Grader.
  • Pugh, Tison. LIT 3132: Legend and Literature of King Arthur, Fall 2023. Grader.
  • Pugh, Tison. ENL 3378: Harry Potter Studies, Spring 2024. Grader.

Associate Editor, UCF Undergraduate Research Journal
As associate editor, I encouraged the publication of undergraduate research and pre-professional scholarship, assisted students throughout the writing and revision process, offered workshops on publication strategies, and edited all essays for publication.
  • Lecture:
    • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Track 2, Publishing Workshop series for the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal.


University Service (UCF) Department Level
UCF URJ Hiring Committee (2023), Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Reviewed resumes with the committee.
  • Helped select potential applicants and judged editing tests for interviewees.
  • Co-lead interviews and co-selected the final candidate with Faculty Editor.


American Society for Irish Medieval Studies, Southeastern Medieval Association

Freelance Editing Projects
Late 2023-2024
[A short story collection announced upon completion and at the author’s ready]

Personal Projects
LEBOR (late 2023-present)
Lebor is a self-publishing name I use for the dispersement of ongoing fiction projects, published principally in the form of two-sided tri-fold pamphlets. More info may be found at

AWG INC / LIMB FUN (late 2017-2022) For a handful of years, AWG INC and LIMB FUN were the interchangeable monikers I used for graphic art projects. The project was first aligned with performance art but that quickly involved into working with imagery developed through digital mediums. This work was featured in small exhibits, and I worked with some of the greats of then-contemporary D.I.Y. music. Select clients include Bears (NYC), C.H.E.W. (IL), Colonial Wound (FL), Gillian Carter (FL), Spectacle Theater (FL), Vacancy (FL), and Wreath (FL). I put the project to an end to pursue academia and writing.

WITCHBENDER (2017-2022)
Witchbender was a hardcore punk band influenced by noise rock, sludge metal, and the likes of Youth Attack and Three One G records, but without interest in appealing to those fanbases. The band was once described as “smeared and volatile” or through some words that were similar in nature.


AD NAUSEUM (2013-???)In some ways, Ad Nauseum is still very much a band as they never formally disbanded. The group started in late-2012/early-2013 according to the influence of bands like Man is the Bastard, Bastard Noise, and Iron Lung, but with the increasing urge to play sludge and doom metal at excessive volume. They quickly became known for their deafening performances and developed their sound in closer alignment with sludge and doom metal.

  • Demo, December 2014.
  • S/T EP, December 2015.
  • Split w/ Funeral Parlor, Waves Crashing Piano Chords, MPHIAT, and Contraktor, May 2015.
  • S/T EP, May 2017.

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